United States Count Down!



 My goal is to have all of the states turn purple.  After a huge wait,  we finally have an 11th state, Maine,  with more than 25 samples ! More than twenty percent of the country is now violet! Go to the Latest Arrivals page and view all of the new samples from around the United States and the world that I recently processed.

  RED = 1-5  ORANGE = 6-10 YELLOW = 11-15GREEN = 16-20 BLUE = 21 -25 VIOLET = >25

The list above is the color code I will use for keeping score of how many new samples arrive. Let's turn the map violet! If your students are sending samples from either their home state, or samples that they just happen to have, I will create a page for the sample and add a link to your school.

I want to thank Dr. Ray Sterner from Johns Hopkins University for giving me permission to use his maps for this project. Be sure to visit Dr. Sterner's Color Landform Atlas of the United States to see these and more maps.



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